Discovering the Top Tourist Destinations in Spain

Spain’s dazzling variety of not-to-be-missed attractions includes otherworldly Moorish palaces, fascinating medieval towns and lush national parks. There are also fabulous museums housing works by European masters. Sports fans can join in the fun of one of the country’s biggest and most famous events, the infamous La Tomatina tomato fight in Bunol. Or take a football tour of a Spanish stadium.


Seville has a lot to offer visitors. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s full of Renaissance, Moorish, and New World exploration-era architecture and monuments.

A visit to the city’s iconic square is non-negotiable. Built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition, it’s a glitzy, ornate spectacle that will take your breath away.

Experience a side of Spain that most tourists miss by witnessing a flamenco show in Seville. The soulful guitar rhythms, seductive singing and passionate dancing of this art form will captivate you. Choose from dinner shows like the one at Tablao el Arenal or more formal theatre settings like the Triana Flamenco Theater.


Pamplona is famous for hosting the running of the bulls during San Fermin every July, but there’s much more to discover about this northern Spain city. Ernest Hemingway frequented cafes such as the iconic Cafe Iruna, where there’s a bust honouring him.

The Navarre capital also houses the gorgeous Museo de Navarra, which features extensive collections from all over Navarre. Some highlights include a 1st-century Roman mosaic depicting the Triumph of Bacchus and 13th-century capitals from a cathedral’s cloister.

A short drive west from Pamplona brings you to Zugarramurdi, a village famed for its caves. This mystical spot was once the scene of witchcraft and pagan rituals, but now it’s home to awe-inspiring natural landmarks like lofty waterfalls and dreamlike pools of turquoise water.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a top tourist destination for its gorgeous beaches, historic landmarks, and world-class cuisine. Visit the iconic La Concha Beach and stroll around the Parte Vieja (Old Town), a maze of winding streets lined with pintxo bars and restaurants. Treat yourself to a meal at the two-Michelin-starred Mugaritz, where chef Andoni Luis Aduriz pushes the boundaries of Basque cuisine.

The renowned city is also home to international events and offers a vibrant nightlife scene. Take a ferry ride to Isla Santa Clara for an idyllic bathing experience and stunning views.

Architecture is another draw, with the Diocesan Museum by Rafael Moneo, the new Tabakalera cultural centre in a reconfigured tobacco factory, and the charming streets of the old town. A stroll up Monte Igueldo provides stunning vistas of the city and its bay.

Theme Parks

For those looking for more excitement in Spain, there are several theme parks that cater to adults and children. These parks offer a variety of rides and attractions to thrill even the most daring.

In Barcelona, PP’s Park is an old-fashioned amusement park with cyclone and roller coaster rides and even a Ferris wheel and 8D cinema. The newer PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land are both located within the complex.

Puy du Fou is a historical theme park that recreates scenes from Spanish history and culture. For younger visitors, the Gnomo Park is set in a pine forest and is home to gnomes. Madrid’s Parque Warner includes a water park and features a host of characters from Warner Bros. films. Isla Magica in Seville has different themed areas, such as Pirate Island and Amazonia, and also has a number of shows and attractions.


Flamenco is a complex art form that includes singing (cante), guitar playing (toque) and dance. It is rooted in the culture of gipsies who moved to southern Spain (Andalusia) from Rajasthan and other regions of India. But it also draws on the diverse cultures of Jews and Moorish people who have influenced its development.

The heart of Flamenco is found in Seville, where many people come to watch passionate performers whirl and strut their stuff. Authentic flamenco venues called tablaos are dotted throughout the city and are often intimate affairs with an eager audience.

Cordoba also bursts with flamenco and has a number of top-quality venues, including the legendary Tablao El Cardenal. This renowned venue is housed in an 18th-century manor and features courtyards that become the stage for captivating performances.

“Discovering the Top Tourist Destinations in Spain” brings readers to the vibrant streets of Barcelona, the ancient sights of Madrid, and the lovely beaches of the Costa del Sol. Enjoy the best tourist attractions in Spain. Enjoy international cuisine while virtually travelling. “The Best Cuisines From Around the World” highlights the various tastes, ingredients, and techniques of world cuisine. Spain’s superb food and global gastronomy may demonstrate the cultural combination that makes travel and food so appealing.

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